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Pause & Reflect Photography
Family Photos WITHOUT The Tears!
Candid Family Photos...
No Fuss, No Tears,
Just Great Photos!
The Best Family Photo Experience or Your Money Back!
Family Photos
No tears for kids or parents (not guaranteed, I have kids, I know they’re unpredictable...)
  •  In your home or somewhere else, if that's what you're into...
  •  Easy going, laid back photos (but I can direct if needed...)
  •  Lots of candid shots (these are the best, right?)
Only $275
Kids Photos
A laid back photoshoot where I follow your kids around with my camera...
  •  No ridiculous poses or fake smiles...
  •  I'll capture the moment no matter where we are...
  • Lots of giggles and wild energy is OK...
Only $200
Birth Photos
Beautifully capturing the most important moment in your life...
  •  Candid moments of partner and mama...
  •  Photos of the birth, above or below the waist (mom's choice...)
  •  Immediately after the birth, skin to skin & snuggles...
Only $500
Fresh 48 Photos
Capturing the first moments of you with your new baby in the comfort of your own home...
  •  In the comfort of your own bedroom...
  •  Sweet moments between mama and babe...
  •  Breastfeeding photos (if that's what you're into...)
Only $200

Robin Irons

Lydia was fun & engaging! My kids just played & explored at our recent shoot & she captured such beautiful & fun pictures!!

Chelsey Isaason

I chose Lydia as my Birth Photographer because she is nothing short of incredible. I called her when I was in early labor, but as birth is so unpredictable; we sent her home thinking it still might be a while. Things happened so fast that there was no time to call her back later. While she was there, she never disrupted our sacred birthing space, and captured some moments between my midwife and I, and my son and I that I will cherish forever.
Lydia came back the next day to take some Fresh 48 for us, and she made us all feel so comfortable and wonderful. Her patience is unparalleled, and she managed to get beautiful pictures of all of us despite the absolute chaos that was my home.
Thom, Chelsey, Wesley & Baby Margot
Older Brother Takes Center Stage in Fresh 48...
I was planning on taking this sweet Mama's birth photos. I got to the house around midnight and Chelsey was in very early labor.

The midwife sent me home and said it would be quite a while before baby was here. I went home to snuggle my babies, expecting a call in the wee hours of the night.

I woke up the next morning with a text from Chelsey and a picture of Margot! Around 2AM things got crazy and Margot was not about to wait for the photographer to get there. No one got a chance to call me.

Needless to say, I regret not just staying. But we were able to get some amazing fresh 48 photos the next day. What a sweet family!
About Pause & Reflect
Hi there! My name is Lydia Douglas! 
As a mom of 3 of the most wildest boys to exist (that may be an exaggeration), I know how hard photoshoots can be. There’s usually a lot of tears (and not just from the kids if we’re being honest). 

When I first got into photography, I practiced by taking pictures of my kids. They are always moving and their moods change quickly. Through the years, I’ve discovered that I cherish all of those photos. The unposed ones. The photos that capture their sweet, feisty personalities, without them even feeling like they’re having their picture taken.

That’s why I have decided to specialize in family photography (fancy people call it lifestyle photography). I don’t do photoshoots in front of a brick wall, with a whole bunch of angry kids with fake smiles. That’s no fun for anyone involved. I have a gift of being able to come into your home and capture moments between your family that really capture a snapshot of your daily life. Something you can cherish forever. Something that will take you back to this season, years down the road...

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